GPFIN Comment: Downgrade Giant Panda on the IUNC red list

Statement of the nonprofit organization Giant Panda Friends International (GPFIN)
Early August 2016, the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources), downgraded the Giant Panda status on its red list from „critically endangered“ to „endangered“.

freund_andreas-2-von-10Andreas Freund, CEO of GPFIN comments the new classification: „The downgrading of Giant Pandas on the red list of IUCN was decided in my view too early and sets a wrong sign. The messages upon give the impression that the Giant Panda was saved, but that’s not the case.
However, the good news of late are the proof that all efforts of the international conservationists and especially the Chinese organizations are having an effect. But with only 1,864 living in the wild Giant Pandas is the kind definitely not out of danger and not really returned home in the bamboo forests of China. There are still many small unconnected habitats, a bamboo flowering, new threats such as climate change and diseases like distemper, present us with new challenges.

We need new and innovative approaches and any possible support. It needs to be done a lot and we need much more time, if we want to give the Giant Panda a secure long term future. Our activities will not reduce, rather continuously expanded and particularly we support projects that promote the program to reintroduce Giant Pandas into the wild and promote the expansion of conservation areas.“
GPFriends International is a non-profit organisation (UG), headquartered in Frankfurt am Main. Their task is to promote the protection of biodiversity and animal welfare. Their particular passion is of preserving the Giant Pandas, which with only 1864 copies in the wild to the most vulnerable species applies.
The objective is to spread through activity, through publications and events the idea of cross-border species protection and to anchor the behavior of others. Especially GPFIN would arouse the awareness of the proper use of endangered species. The focus of all activity is the support of the two organizations for the protection of Giant Pandas in China – Chengdu and Wolong, where there is a research and breeding center in a nature reserve in Sichuan province. The two organizations operate there on a program for reintroduction Giant Panda. GPFIN visit the partners and Giant Pandas in China regular, to ensure the successes help.
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