Comment: About the recent reclassification of the IUCN’s status of the Giant Pandas

To all who are concerned about the recent classification of IUCN on the status of giant pandas

Overall this change is a cause for celebration and a tribute to all the efforts of the Chinese to save this magnificent species. The Chinese have spent much time and energy in helping to protect the Pandas Habitat which has resulted in the Pandas being reclassified. The Pandas are an “umbrella” or “flagship” species, which means any effort to protect the Pandas protects and saves many other species and their habitats as well.

However, down listing the panda does NOT mean that it is time to relax, as there is still much work to do, to continue on the path to recovery. Now is a good time join the efforts to conserve the Pandas because now more than ever we have reason to believe it is working.

Zhang Hemin, “Panda Papa” is still very concerned about the effects of climate change on the bamboo in the panda’s habitat, the risk of diseases like distemper and about the fragmentation of various groups in the wild. All of these major issues could cause a drop again in the numbers and a future reclassification of the Giant Panda.

We must all stay vigilante in our efforts to support Panda Conservation and continue to assist everyone who is helping to save the Giant Panda and their habitat.


Suzanne Braden
Director,  Pandas International
Endangered means we have Time  Extinction is forever!


Source: Fotos: © GPFIN