News: Wolong Panda Club becomes WAPGPC


Since its foundation, Wolong Panda Club has been committed to the embodies the social charity strength, to promote the good development of panda conservation. Time flies, 25 years past, Wolong Panda Club becomes a driving force in panda conservation now, it is also the sponsor of giant panda public welfare culture.

It is obviously that without your participation and support, we cannot made such big achievements and progresses. Thank you for what you have done.

To promote the reform and development of community organizations, and to carry out the relevant Chinese national policy requirements, to achieve standardization and specialization management, on November 3rd, 2017, the seventh session of the fifth council of Wolong Panda Club formally decide to change the name “Wolong Panda Club” to “Wenchuan Association for Promoting Giant Panda Charity” (hereinafter WAPGPC), and elected new manager, supervisor and actuators.

Mr. Heng Yi is the new director of WAPGPC, Mr. An Libo(Jason), Dr. Tang Chunxiang(Dr. Tang), Mr. Qiu Yu and Mr. Gao Xiaowen are the new council members. Miss Zhang Zhengping(Mika) is the supervisor. Mr. An Libo(Jason) is also the secretary-general, and Ms Jian Congjiong(Jane) is the deputy secretary-general.

We are very glad that you are always by our side, and we wish we can witness the better development and success of WAPGPC together in the future. Thanks for your generous donations, we also appreciate your advices, we will accept them modestly, and correct the shortcomings.

In the following years, We will try our best to improve the management level constantly, to set up a international giant panda charity platform, so as to better serve the giant panda conservation and giant panda culture construction, and also to provide more professional service for giant panda lovers and institutions for their practicing social responsibilities and participating in giant panda conservation. We will keep the purpose in mind, according to the articles of WAPGPC strictly, carrying out work under the guidance and supervision of CCRCGP, try to do better on panda conservation and earth protection with all the giant panda lovers in the world.


Source: WAPGPC für GPFIN, Fotos & Video (gefilmt auf Bi Feng Xia Panda Base, auf Dujiangyan Panda Base und Wolong Panda Base, herzlichen Dank an alle Darsteller): © GPFIN